The stoves equipped with this technology, in addition to spreading heat in the environment in which they are installed in, allow to heat water which is then carried through through the hydraulic system, with a double advantage: feed heat to the radiators placed in the rooms of the house and produce hot water for domestic use (based on the kW and the technical features of the stove). An easy, fast and ecological way to always guarantee maximum comfort during the winter months.


    Designed to ensure maximum performance in confined spaces, for example one or more adjoining rooms, the ventilated heaters are equipped with a fan that facilitates the outflow of hot air from the device. this mechanism allows to heat the room in a few minutes, through a temperature control system, adjustable via an interface installed on the stove or through the dedicated application.


    The most suitable solution for those who want to heat multiple rooms, only through the flow of hot air produced by the stove. The centralized system allows to adjust the temperature of each room through the devices connected to the heating system, to always obtain the desired level of heat at any time.


    The Relax range of stoves are the ultimate expression of silence. The ventilation is replaced by an irradiation heating system based on the natural flow of air, generated by a wider burner that favors the combustion of the pellets. For unprecedented comfort.


    Remote Air is the technology designed to increase the distance of the ducts and reduce noise in the place where the stove is installed. It can be installed anywhere in the ductwork and pushes the hot air for a further 7 meters.


    Innovation is the word that constantly resounds in the Moretti Design offices. Last year the RELAX category expanded our range, this year it’s time for HYBRID TECHNOLOGY. This technology allows you to choose a ventilated product with an air fan that can be deactivated which guarantees full silence and subsequently, through the purchase of centrifugal fans, it can become ducted with a flow that reaches up to 15 meters and an outlet temperature that exceeds 100 ° C.

A pellet stove is the best solution for the environment, ensuring high efficiency at lower costs than other fuels.

Moretti Design creations are unique in style but also in technology, Made in Italy design meets technological innovation and adapts perfectly to every living style.

They are equipped with 5-star certifications that attest to their quality and thanks to which you can access the exclusive State Concessions.


For the first time ever, glass becomes the protagonist of Design. The company has introduced in the international market the magic of a material able to mold itself on different shapes and technologies, making the stoves works of art that can be installed in any domestic environment.


All of our stoves are lined with Firewall, a special material which, in addition to providing high yields, ensures an important protection of the combustion chamber. Stainless Steel, which has enclosed contemporary complexity, becomes the heart of our products. The very high temperatures and the contact with fuels such as pellets and wood leave its composition unchanged, for a high power performance.


Clay becomes a Hi-tech ceramic through a cooking process that exceeds one thousand degrees. From here, we generate the material that lines our products, combining the tradition of the company’s devices with the exclusivity of their beauty.

6 Years of Warranty

Moretti Design offers 6 years warranty on all products of the Collection, which can be activated after installation and the first ignition of the product