Innovation is the word that constantly resounds in the Moretti Design offices. Last year the RELAX category expanded our range, this year it’s time for HYBRID TECHNOLOGY. This technology allows you to choose a ventilated product with an air fan that can be deactivated which guarantees full silence and subsequently, through the purchase of centrifugal fans, it can become ducted with a flow that reaches up to 15 meters and an outlet temperature that exceeds 100 ° C.


Silence is a universal gift that few know how to appreciate. Moretti Design is SILENT PLUS. The new frontier of silence is in our products. The use of new components and constant research have made us achieve unexpected results until a few years ago.

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The Moretti Group enters the world of apps with the new interface for smartphones. The app is simple and intuitive, allowing all standard functions with the only help of an internet connection. Through the app it is possible to: turn on and off the thermoheater, set the programmable thermostat, view in real time all operating status and set the room thermostat temperature, send messages directly to a local service center. All thanks to the interface with the operating center, without any direct intervention on the spot.


It is all the touch’s fault when we fell in love with this system. In love to the point of equipping all our wood and pellet/wood boilers with a glass covered TOUCH SCREEN and all our stoves with the innovative RADIO DISPLAY and CHRONOTHERMOSTAT. Calling it a remote control is an understatement seeing that our radio display, with its beautiful ergonomic design, allows to remotely control, through radio waves, the stove’s functions also from a different room from the one in which the heater is situated.

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All of our stoves are made entirely out of Firewall, a special material that in addition to guaranteeing a high efficiency it ensures an important protection of the combustion chamber. High-quality materials are used for the production of the structures, the boiler bodies are made out of a special steel suitable for thermal applications. The tube bundle made out of stainless steel or special steel offers a high thermal exchange and very high efficiency, together with different cleaning systems always offers top performance.The solid braziers were designed for an optimal combustion and constructed with the use of customized cast iron.


Automatic combustion control system. that always maintains high the thermostove efficiency


The MCA system is the system that distinguishes Moretti Design ducted stoves. Since 2012, in fact, our stoves guarantee an attentive control of the heat which flows into different rooms of the home.This in fact, is the main feature that differentiates ducted stoves from air vented ones. From a technical point of view Moretti Design ducted stoves are equipped with an AIR SUCTION – MOTOR, deliberately placed at the end of the heat flow. There is an AIR SUCTION – MOTOR for each output of the stove which, collects the heat that derives from the combustion chamber, then “THROWS IT OUT” spreading it throughout the home at important distances.


The Moretti Design HERMETIC SYSTEM allows to use all combustion air for the stove from the outside of the home; more specifically it expels the exhaust fumes and simultaneously draws air from the outside.The HERMETIC SYSTEM ensures greater comfort as it uses O2 from the outside without subtracting it from the home environment. Another advantage is that it allows to SAVE by recuperating heat from the exhaust fumes, which is reused for heating the combustion air.Ultimately also the efficiency of the stove benefits from the system, being hermetic, it consumes less pellets altogether seeing that the temperatures remain constant, because there is no intake of cold air from outside.


Less and less options, more and more standard on almost all pellet products on the market. The Moretti Group introduced the automatic cleaning system – BRAZIER and TUBE BEAM already in 2 boilers of the 2011 range. Since then, this system has gradually involved other models up to the present day. The range includes: 7 ALL CLEAN models automatic cleaning BRAZIER + TUBE BUNDLE; 2 ONLY CLEAN models automatic cleaning of the TUBE BUNDLE only; 9 CLEAN models automatic cleaning of the BRAZIER only (only in the Aqua and Relax versions). The boilers and stoves with the ALL CLEAN system empty the ash drawer after an entire PELLET PALLET has been loaded.

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Boiler and stoves whit 100 BAGS CAPACITY, it is sufficient to empty the ash drawer once after burining about 100 bags of 15 kg of pellets.
Exchanger for hot air production.
It allows to duct hot air in to several rooms. It is mandatory to insert room probes for a correct function of the product. Reaching the set temperature in all the rooms will put the stove into modulation.
Possibility to direct the air flow via mechanical bulkhead through the front or upwards.
Automatic cleaning system for the brazier where combustion takes place and also the heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
Automatic cleaning system for the brazier where combustion takes place.
Door all glass.
Optional: Room probe for ducted stoves.
The heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
The heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
Product exhibited at the Venice Biennale and awarded as a work of art by the leading experts of the moment.
Optional: Boiler probe.
Cast iron combustion chamber.
Automatic cleaning system for the brazier where combustion takes place.
Optional: Complete pipe kit with Coaxial adapter for upper smoke outlet.
Timers lets you program turning on and off.
DISPLAY VIDEO 7'' is the new generation of color display touch that allows many new functions.
First generation DISPLAY TOUCH with capacitive keys.
DOUBLE DOOR boilers and stoves have two doors before entering inside the combustion chamber.
Optional: front drawer for loading pellets.
The products are already certified with the European standard (ECODESIGN 2022) which will come into force in 2022.
Equipped with emergency display in the case of remote control failure.
Automatic combustion control system. that always maintains high the thermostove efficiency.
FIREWALL is a special material used by moretti design for the construction of the combustion chamber.
The front of the product is entirely made of tempered glass.
Optional: metal connector for the connection of the air intake outside the house.
The Hermetic system allows to use combustion air exclusively provided from the outside of the home.Ideal for passive houses with low emission levels.
Option: kit for producing hot water for domestic use with a plate heat exchanger.
The possibility of connecting all our heaters to many different type of existing equipment.
The products include hydraulic components installed inside that have been tested at 3 Bar pressure.
Loading system that simplifies the loading of the fuel and reduces the leakage of dust.
Optional: Additional pellet tank with integrated Intelligent charge system.
Side panels entirely made of glass.
Side panels entirely made of metal.
Led lighting.
Level sensor.
Loading hatch included for slot aqua.
Glass designed and tailored for all MORETTI DESIGN products, it allows the view of combustion chamber only when the flame is lit. The product will also be an exceptional piece of furniture in the summer.
Completely build in Majolica.
Hand scraper for cleaning the heat exchanger.
Optional: Mechanical room thermostat.
Optional: Flexible hoses for the hydraulic connection of the stove / boiler.
New product body. Nouveau corps du produit.
The disable ventilators for spreading warm air renders the stove very silent. Heating occurs by natural convection.
It allows to duct hot air onto ONE room and heat the environment where the machine is located. It is mandatory to insert a room probe for a correct function of the product. Reaching the set temperature in all the rooms will put the stove into modulation.
Pellet powered heater.
Optional: Complete pipe kit for upper smoke outlet.
Quartz igniter.
Remote control for adjust the settings.
Optional: Remote display with cable.
Equipped with room thermostat.
The view of the flame can rotate at 270 degrees.
The new motherboard that will manage the product will have a timer wich allows you to time the cleaning of the turbolators according to the needs of the consumer.
Gearmotor with rpm control that completely eliminates the noise.
Upwards sliding door.
Frontal glass panels that open automatically when the product is turned on.
Stove that slides on two guides for assistance or for pellet loading.
Top of the stove that slides to allow the loading of fuel.
New generation of motherboard with countless new functions.
Side smoke outlet.
Rear smoke outlet.
Upper smoke outlet.
Stone cladding.
Optional: Support base.
Optional: AQUA SLOT support base.
Top is build in Majoilica.
Front grids made of stainless steel, recognition sign of MORETTI DESIGN.
The stove is fitted with a large drawer on wheels for removing ash.
Optional: Ventilation kit complete with vents, control unit, fan and pipes.
Interface that allows remote management by SMARTPHONE.
Wood powered.
Powered with wood briquettes.
Product without fan.