CENTER ROOM central air pellet stove. Complete with base, hood and loading hatch. The DESIGN is given by the ROTATING and perfectly SYMMETRICAL structure on 360 °, by the DOUBLE STAINLESS STEEL TRIPTYCH and by the MAGIC glass. Radio control with CHRONOTHERMOSTAT function. Adjustable front ventilation and HIGH EFFICIENCY burner allow you to heat up to about 130m2.


The stoves with AIR technology are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in confined environments, such as one or more adjacent rooms.
The Ventilated Air Stoves are equipped with a fan that facilitates the release of hot air from the device.
This mechanism allows to heat the room in a few minutes, through a temperature control system, adjustable through an interface installed on the stove or through the dedicated App.

Exchanger for hot air production.
Optional: front drawer for loading pellets.
Timers lets you program turning on and off.
Automatic combustion control system. that always maintains high the thermostove efficiency.
FIREWALL is a special material used by moretti design for the construction of the combustion chamber.
Remote control for adjust the settings.
Glass designed and tailored for all MORETTI DESIGN products, it allows the view of combustion chamber only when the flame is lit. The product will also be an exceptional piece of furniture in the summer.
Front grids made of stainless steel, recognition sign of MORETTI DESIGN.
Side panels entirely made of glass.
The front of the product is entirely made of tempered glass.
Upper smoke outlet.
Equipped with emergency display in the case of remote control failure.
The view of the flame can rotate at 270 degrees.
DOUBLE DOOR boilers and stoves have two doors before entering inside the combustion chamber.
Equipped with room thermostat.
The heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
Interface that allows remote management by SMARTPHONE.

A 11 KW


All of our stoves are made entirely out of Firewall, a special material that in addition to guaranteeing a high efficiency it ensures an important protection of the combustion chamber. High-quality materials are used for the production of the structures, the boiler bodies are made out of a special steel suitable for thermal applications. The tube bundle made out of stainless steel or special steel offers a high thermal exchange and very high efficiency, together with different cleaning systems always offers top performance.The solid braziers were designed for an optimal combustion and constructed with the use of customized cast iron.


DOUBLE DOOR boilers and stoves have two doors before entering inside the combustion chamber


Ensuring the quality of Made in Italy, not only resides in the materials, but lives in the beauty of the products created by our craftsmen. The Moretti Group’s distinctive sign is the signature, dotted on vertical lines that harmoniously blend into the structure of the stove, giving it the extraordinary character that only knows the design of excellence.


Loading hatch for slot, included only for slot aqua.



It is all the touch’s fault when we fell in love with this system. In love to the point of equipping all our wood and pellet/wood boilers with a glass covered TOUCH SCREEN and all our stoves with the innovative RADIO DISPLAY and CHRONOTHERMOSTAT. Calling it a remote control is an understatement seeing that our radio display, with its beautiful ergonomic design, allows to remotely control, through radio waves, the stove’s functions also from a different room from the one in which the heater is situated.



The Moretti Group enters the world of apps with the new interface for smartphones. The app is simple and intuitive, allowing all standard functions with the only help of an internet connection. Through the app it is possible to: turn on and off the thermoheater, set the programmable thermostat, view in real time all operating status and set the room thermostat temperature, send messages directly to a local service center. All thanks to the interface with the operating center, without any direct intervention on the spot.


In the Moretti Design group glass becomes magical.It’s a tempered glass (resistant to high temperatures) unglazed but shaped with a special hi-tech molecule, which makes it TOTALLY OBSCURED, preventing the view of the internal part of the combustion chamber when the stove is off. The benefits of GLASS TOTALLY OBSCURED, are mainly 2: The enriched design that the stove acquires does not necessarily force you to keep the glass clean. Glass becomes MAGIC instead, when the stove is lit … it magically allows you to view of the flame like any other glass until it is turned off, afterwards it becomes obscured again becoming a decorative piece of furniture.