TECNIKA GLASS is the EVOLUTED boiler from MorettiDesign. High-level electronics controlled by the SMART MOTHERBOARD, a latest generation board that allows countless new functions such as the management of the PUFFER, the TANK and much more. TOUCH DISPLAY for easy programming. The WIFI connection includes the latest control and remote management system. ALL CLEAN system: the ash drawer must be emptied after a pallet of burnt pellets. SAFE because It is equipped with the HERMETIC SYSTEM. CERTIFIED for all incentives. It allows to heat from 120 to 280 m2 approximately according to the chosen power.


The stoves equipped with AQUA technology, in addition to spreading heat in the environment in which they are installed, allow to heat the water transported in the hydraulic system, with a double advantage, power the heat of the radiators located in the rooms of the house and produce hot water for domestic use (according to the kw and the technical characteristics of the stove). An easy, fast and environmentally friendly way to always ensure maximum comfort during the winter months.

The possibility of connecting all our heaters to many different type of existing equipment.
Pellet powered heater.
Timers lets you program turning on and off.
Automatic combustion control system. that always maintains high the thermostove efficiency.
Automatic cleaning system for the brazier where combustion takes place and also the heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
The Hermetic system allows to use combustion air exclusively provided from the outside of the home.Ideal for passive houses with low emission levels.
Boiler and stoves whit 100 BAGS CAPACITY, it is sufficient to empty the ash drawer once after burining about 100 bags of 15 kg of pellets.
Rear smoke outlet.
Remote control for adjust the settings.
Interface that allows remote management by SMARTPHONE.
Quartz igniter.
The front of the product is entirely made of tempered glass.
New generation of motherboard with countless new functions.
DOUBLE DOOR boilers and stoves have two doors before entering inside the combustion chamber.
The heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
The products are already certified with the European standard (ECODESIGN 2022) which will come into force in 2022.
The products include hydraulic components installed inside that have been tested at 3 Bar pressure.
Gearmotor with rpm control that completely eliminates the noise.
The new motherboard that will manage the product will have a timer wich allows you to time the cleaning of the turbolators according to the needs of the consumer.
Option: kit for producing hot water for domestic use with a plate heat exchanger.
Optional: Flexible hoses for the hydraulic connection of the stove / boiler.
Optional: Additional pellet tank with integrated Intelligent charge system.
Optional: Remote display with cable.
With the COMBI SYSTEM it is possible to connect a Moretti Design Group thermostove to a heating system already present inside a house just like a gas boiler.



With the COMBI SYSTEM it is possible to connect a Moretti Design Group thermostove to a heating system already present inside a house just like a gas boiler.
What’s new?
This connection is possible thanks to a compartment designed within the thermostove that allows the installation of a system separator directly on the machine. More specifically it means that our thermostoves simplify the installer’s life and the final consumers since they eliminate the installation of an external separator with the consequent intervention of a builder and subsequent restoration work.



Less and less options, more and more standard on almost all pellet products on the market. The Moretti Group introduced the automatic cleaning system – BRAZIER and TUBE BEAM already in 2 boilers of the 2011 range. Since then, this system has gradually involved other models up to the present day



It is all the touch’s fault when we fell in love with this system. In love to the point of equipping all our wood and pellet/wood boilers with a glass covered TOUCH SCREEN and all our stoves with the innovative RADIO DISPLAY and CHRONOTHERMOSTAT. Calling it a remote control is an understatement seeing that our radio display, with its beautiful ergonomic design, allows to remotely control, through radio waves, the stove’s functions also from a different room from the one in which the heater is situated.


DOUBLE DOOR boilers and stoves have two doors before entering inside the combustion chamber


Equipped with emergency display in the case of remote control failure.



The Moretti Group enters the world of apps with the new interface for smartphones. The app is simple and intuitive, allowing all standard functions with the only help of an internet connection. Through the app it is possible to: turn on and off the thermoheater, set the programmable thermostat, view in real time all operating status and set the room thermostat temperature, send messages directly to a local service center. All thanks to the interface with the operating center, without any direct intervention on the spot.


Silence is a universal gift that few know how to appreciate. Moretti Design is SILENT PLUS. The new frontier of silence is in our products. The use of new components and constant research have made us achieve unexpected results until a few years ago.