Hydro stove TOP, equipped with the best technology currently known and WIFI connection. The SILENT PLUS system makes it unique for its silence. The MAGIC glass puts an end to daily maintenance and the ALL CLEAN automatic cleaning allows the ash drawer to be emptied after the consumption of an entire pallet of pellets. Full safety is achieved with the HERMETIC SYSTEM and the DOUBLE GLASS. The DESIGN is given by the large sliding ceramic TOP, by the INOX TRIPTYCH, by the MAGIC glass and by the elegant finishes in GLASS, CERAMIC or STEEL. Radio control with CHRONOTHERMOSTAT function. Modulating front ventilation (AIR) and the HIGH EFFICIENCY burner allow you to heat from 160 to 280 m2 approximately depending on the power chosen.


The design and beauty of Moretti Design creations are the result of the study of professional craftsmen who passionately create works of art that symbolize Made in Italy elegance. The aesthetic kit represents the external finishing of the stove and is available in different colors and versions:

All Style: ceramic as the only protagonist, accompanies the entire stove finishing and the soft lines of the metal.

Style: perfect match between the ceramic in the upper part of the stove and the metal along the sides.

Glass: the elegance of glass is molded by the classicism of ceramics


The stoves equipped with AQUA technology, in addition to spreading heat in the environment in which they are installed, allow to heat the water transported in the hydraulic system, with a double advantage, power the heat of the radiators located in the rooms of the house and produce hot water for domestic use (according to the kw and the technical characteristics of the stove). An easy, fast and environmentally friendly way to always ensure maximum comfort during the winter months.

The possibility of connecting all our heaters to many different type of existing equipment.
Pellet powered heater.
Timers lets you program turning on and off.
Automatic combustion control system. that always maintains high the thermostove efficiency.
Automatic cleaning system for the brazier where combustion takes place and also the heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
The Hermetic system allows to use combustion air exclusively provided from the outside of the home.Ideal for passive houses with low emission levels.
Remote control for adjust the settings.
Exchanger for hot air production.
Glass designed and tailored for all MORETTI DESIGN products, it allows the view of combustion chamber only when the flame is lit. The product will also be an exceptional piece of furniture in the summer.
Boiler and stoves whit 100 BAGS CAPACITY, it is sufficient to empty the ash drawer once after burining about 100 bags of 15 kg of pellets.
The heat exchanger is automatically cleaned.
Front grids made of stainless steel, recognition sign of MORETTI DESIGN.
The front of the product is entirely made of tempered glass.
The products include hydraulic components installed inside that have been tested at 3 Bar pressure.
Top of the stove that slides to allow the loading of fuel.
Top is build in Majoilica.
Rear smoke outlet.
The products are already certified with the European standard (ECODESIGN 2022) which will come into force in 2022.
Quartz igniter.
Equipped with emergency display in the case of remote control failure.
Equipped with room thermostat.
Interface that allows remote management by SMARTPHONE.
The new motherboard that will manage the product will have a timer wich allows you to time the cleaning of the turbolators according to the needs of the consumer.
Gearmotor with rpm control that completely eliminates the noise.
New generation of motherboard with countless new functions.
Option: kit for producing hot water for domestic use with a plate heat exchanger.
Optional: Flexible hoses for the hydraulic connection of the stove / boiler.
With the COMBI SYSTEM it is possible to connect a Moretti Design Group thermostove to a heating system already present inside a house just like a gas boiler.



With the COMBI SYSTEM it is possible to connect a Moretti Design Group thermostove to a heating system already present inside a house just like a gas boiler.
What’s new?
This connection is possible thanks to a compartment designed within the thermostove that allows the installation of a system separator directly on the machine. More specifically it means that our thermostoves simplify the installer’s life and the final consumers since they eliminate the installation of an external separator with the consequent intervention of a builder and subsequent restoration work.

100 BAGS

Boilers and Stoves with the CLEAN system need their ash drawer emptied only once after an entire PALLET LOAD OF PELLETS is consumed.


Ensuring the quality of Made in Italy, not only resides in the materials, but lives in the beauty of the products created by our craftsmen. The Moretti Group’s distinctive sign is the signature, dotted on vertical lines that harmoniously blend into the structure of the stove, giving it the extraordinary character that only knows the design of excellence.


Top of the stove that slides to allow the loading of fuel.


Equipped with emergency display in the case of remote control failure.


n the Moretti Design group glass becomes magical.It’s a tempered glass (resistant to high temperatures) unglazed but shaped with a special hi-tech molecule, which makes it TOTALLY OBSCURED, preventing the view of the internal part of the combustion chamber when the stove is off. The benefits of GLASS TOTALLY OBSCURED, are mainly 2: The enriched design that the stove acquires does not necessarily force you to keep the glass clean. Glass becomes MAGIC instead, when the stove is lit … it magically allows you to view of the flame like any other glass until it is turned off, afterwards it becomes obscured again becoming a decorative piece of furniture.