Moretti Design exceeds the space and time presenting itself boldly towards infinite horizons. The elegant geometries are “enclosed” in a limitless universe defining the new concept of style. Future is Now also means this. The desire to get as far away as possible from conventional stereotypes. Futuristic settingings. Colors and shapes that transcend our time and make you forget the traditional canons. The Moretti Design creations inebriate, the visual impact leaves you speechless.
Remember who we were, admire who we became. Thrown into a space without borders, Moretti Design conquers a land of indefinite shapes.
The grandeur of the machines has erased the past, rewriting history. After man was able to dominate fire, now is the charm of these works of art to take possession of the five senses.
Moretti Design, forever. Clean lines and indefinite spatiality projects Moretti stoves into a world without boundaries. The design, in comparison with the lines and roundness, emerges in all its elegance, featuring details and colors.
The product dominates the environment, with the its practicality and power of cutting-edge technologies. The Moretti Design brand expresses a quality that wins over space and time, incorporating shapes and evolving into a continuous becoming.


An identity that remains altered, even with a face renewed. moretti design presents its great public with a range of products that encourage the essence and beauty of craftmanship, thanks to the use of raw materials of excellent quality and a sophisticated attention to the details, from the last generation technologies, to the glass coatings and packaging. an engaging design, an unprecedented technology.


Symbol of guarantee of our local manufacturing, the STEEL TRIPTYCH is the hallmark of Design Moretti, horizontally embedded in the structure of the stove, giving it that extraordinary character that only Design excellence knows how to..


Clay becomes a Hi-tech ceramic through a cooking process that exceeds one thousand degrees. From here the material that lines our products is generated, combining the tradition of the company’s devices with the exclusivity of their beauty.


For the first time ever, glass becomes the protagonist of Design. Moretti Design introduced in the international market the magic of a material that can be molded into shapes and different technologies, rendering the stoves works of art that can be installed in any home.


The material that has enclosed contemporary complexity becomes the core of our products. The very high temperatures and the contact with pellets and wood fuels leave unaltered its composition, for high power performance.



Ensuring the quality of Made in Italy, not only resides in the materials, but lives in the beauty of the products created by our craftsmen. The Moretti Group’s distinctive sign is the signature, dotted on vertical lines that harmoniously blend into the structure of the stove, giving it the extraordinary character that only knows the design of excellence.



Glass, a synonym for brilliance, splendor, cleanliness and transparency. These are the elements that distinguish our sales and distribution policy naturally associated with the materials used. The three designers, more and more, have adapted our products to current trends that today “demand aloud” minimal lines with the use of HITECH and GLASS materials in spite of outdated ceramics (except for some classic models). Glass is a material that has had different and very important roles in history. The oldest discovery of glass products dates back to the third millennium b.c., during the Bronze Age, in Mesopotamia.Like many discoveries, that of glass is also the result of chance, derived from the combination of the power of fire and saltpeter blocks on a ground composed of siliceous sand.

The fire, staying lit all night, liquefied the sand and saltpeter blocks giving birth, after it cooled down, to the first kind of glass.Nowadays the uses of glass are numerous and have grown exponentially throughout history; glass is constantly under our eyes everywhere in different shapes and uses and still retains its practical/beauty dualism.To have an idea of the importance of the knowledge of glass working techniques for science, we just have to remember Galileo Galilei, the father of the scientific method still employed today to investigate natural phenomena, he could have never built the telescope without developing the proper knowledge of glass processing through history.In the Moretti Design group glass becomes magical.It’s a tempered glass (resistant to high temperatures) unglazed but shaped with a special hi-tech molecule, which makes it TOTALLY OBSCURED, preventing the view of the internal part of the combustion chamber when the stove is off. The benefits of GLASS TOTALLY OBSCURED, are mainly 2: The enriched design that the stove acquires does not necessarily force you to keep the glass clean. Glass becomes MAGIC instead, when the stove is lit … it magically allows you to view of the flame like any other glass until it is turned off, afterwards it becomes obscured again becoming a decorative piece of furniture.<


Forget the expression “Stove Manufacturers”. It becomes the Moretti Atelier, synonym of craft primacy in the industry.The meaning of “Sales point” becomes obsolete too. Drop the idea of a place dedicated only to the commercial presentation of the product. Starting today, we talk about “Moretti Atelier”: the place dedicated to the reception and assistance, Where every detail is signed by the Moretti style. A natural habitat for our pellet heaters and fireplaces, where they are under the spotlight, in a privileged exposure.The place where, as in a vintage couture, our staff will be able to provide excellent service, fit for customer desires.

Boutique Moretti Design