Ensuring a clear and effective after sales assistance is one of the distinctive elements of Moretti design. Our experts are always available to provide technical support.If you wish to receive after sales assistance you can call the number 0735 90444, a technician will be pleased to listen to your needs.
At the same time you can receive technical support through e-mail, by filling out the contact form on this page. A representative will review your request as soon as possible.


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    Transparency, Speed, Efficiency: These are the key words of the SERVICE PACT that the ATELIER MORETTI DESIGN offers to its BOUTIQUE / SERVICE CENTERS to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. A SERVICE PACT which is sanctioned by the issuance of a LICENSE guarantees a level of seriousness, quality and professionalism. Of crucial importance is the first ignition of the product. With the first ignition, carried out by qualified personnel, the following advantages are available:

    • Verification of a proper and safety installation in the environment;
    • Combustion adjustment;
    • Accurate explanation of the products functions;
    • Activation of the 2-year warranty;
    • Priority for technical service intervention


    Our fireplaces and pellet stoves are “handmade” crafted products and that is why it is our unwavering interest to preserve them from sales conducted by the Large-scale retail trade and/or through the Internet. In this regard, we distrust the purchase through Online sales (and to avoid the risk of encountering products that are not intended for and therefore not authorized for the country of residence). The Moretti Design Group elucidates, and the client must be aware that the product purchased through Internet will not be covered by warranty. We are confident that our policy protects the clients and excellence always guaranteed by our brand.