Environmental respect: How does Moretti Design behave?

Environmental respect: How does Moretti Design behave?

Environmental respect is a fundamental issue for the health and well-being of the Earth we live in.

What do we mean by environmental respect?

We often hear about “environmental respect” and “environmental education,” but first, let’s identify what the environment is.

It is described in Articles 9 and 41 of the Italian Constitution.

Article 9 states: “The Republic promotes the development of culture and scientific and technological research. It protects the landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation. IT PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT, BIODIVERSITY, AND ECOSYSTEMS, ALSO IN THE INTEREST OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. THE STATE LAW REGULATES THE METHODS AND FORMS OF ANIMAL PROTECTION.”

Article 41: “Private economic initiative is free. It cannot be carried out to the detriment of social utility or in a way that harms safety, freedom, human dignity, HEALTH, OR THE ENVIRONMENT. The law determines the appropriate programs and controls so that public and private economic activity can be directed and coordinated for social and environmental purposes.”

The aim is to increase awareness among individuals and guide them towards a much more sustainable behavioral approach than what has been practiced so far.

Moretti Design: What is done to respect the environment

Companies are the entities that must set the right example for users and customers.

We often hear and see how many companies strive to improve their production processes and make the final product eco-friendly.

Among them, the presence of Moretti Design is unquestionable.

Our team has made efforts to bring about changes in every phase of production, allowing us to offer unique products in terms of design, functionality, innovation, and environmental consciousness.

In fact, we are proud to have in our catalog 100% Made in Italy creations that have obtained the 5-Star Environmental Certification.

It indicates their value in terms of air quality respect, with lower environmental impact compared to many other stoves on the market (click here for more details).

But that’s not all. Our work is continuous, which led us to Lyon, France, at the BePositive Fair. From March 21-23, we were welcomed to one of the most important events for entities aiming for ecological transition.

During those days, visitors had the opportunity to discover a wide range of products with renewable energies and energy efficiency in advance.

We had the opportunity to present our new 2.0 control system and strengthen our connection with customers in the French territory (click here for more information).

Moretti Design aims to always offer the best to its customers, as our Product Designer and Director of Research and Development, Stefano Monti, said: “Our 2023 and part of 2024 are and will be focused on the development of a new family of environmentally and emission-friendly designed fireplaces and stoves, meeting the best classification required by current regulations.”

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