Gift yourself a Moretti Design stove
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Gift yourself a Moretti Design stove

When we say “Christmas“, among the many associations we also think of gifts: we imagine the people we love and try to choose the perfect gift for them.

But in all of this, we often forget to include ourselves and our desires.

So why not gift yourself a Moretti stove?

We hear more and more about increases in the price of gas and electricity bills, time restrictions on how radiators can be turned on, etc.

All of this news frightens us so much that we cover ourselves up, don’t turn on the heat, and make our homes cozy.

It goes without saying that each of us wants to enjoy the warmth of our own four walls when we come home in winter, especially after a long day away from home.

That’s why you can think about buying a Moretti Design stove and no longer have to worry about excessive bills. Our creations are fueled with environmentally friendly products (pellets and wood) and are therefore much cheaper than other heating solutions.

In addition, acquiring a pellet or wood-burning stove means a pleasant experience thanks to the atmosphere they create in the home and the innovative technologies they are equipped with, such as for example Remote Air, which allows maximum savings on heating since the warm air produced by the stove is transported to other rooms of the house through wall-mounted pipes.

An example?

Through the APP, the interface that allows the management of our creations from the smartphone, it is possible, among other things, to set the temperature and the chronothermostat that will allow you to heat your home just before entering, to feel enveloped in a warm hug as soon as you walk through the front door.

In addition, Moretti Design stoves are equipped with the HERMETIC SYSTEM, which allows the use of external air that is not exhausted from the living area. Not to mention the savings from this system, which favors a constant temperature at all times because cold air from the outside cannot penetrate.

Moreover the SILENT PLUS, which guarantees absolute silence even when our devices are in function.

Rest, especially after a hectic day, is important and Moretti Design knows it.

Why isn’t the FIRE CONTROL SYSTEM also mentioned? The efficiency of the stove is always kept high by the automatic control of the combustion.

Thanks to the ALL CLEAN system, you can forget about cleaning the stove because the system will take care of it!

The system automatically cleans the burner where combustion takes place and the heat exchanger.

These are just some of the innovative technologies in our iconic creations.

We therefore invite you to visit our authorized boutiques to discover our cutting-edge products for yourself.

And with the help of our team of experts, finding the perfect stove for you will be a breeze!

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