Why buy a stove in summer?
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Why buy a stove in summer?

In the height of summer, heating the house is certainly one of the most distant thoughts, but summer is the best time to buy a stove or fireplace. Let’s find out why!

Three main reasons for buying a stove in summer

We have decided to make a selection of reasons and here are the 3 main reasons.

1. There is certainly more time for choice

In summer, everyone can take more time for themselves and their homes. This, in fact, is the ideal time to start thinking about and then proceed with the purchase of a practical, innovative and technological heating solution such as a Moretti Design stove or fireplace. Every choice can be made calmly and with confidence once you are faced with the purchase.

2. Retailers can better focus on customers

Of course, in summer you can safely go to authorised Boutiques and find trained staff ready to assist you step by step in choosing the best device for your home. Moreover, usually during this period, the product is available in the boutiques for immediate delivery.

3. It is easier to proceed with installation work

Installation is a job that requires special knowledge and skills from the technicians, as well as the time needed to proceed with all the steps while paying attention to every detail. However, installation involves opening windows, entering and leaving the house, and cleaning the area adjacent to the installation. Therefore, these actions can be carried out more conveniently in spring and summer.

If you are still undecided about which product is right for you, visit our website and our authorised boutiques where you will receive the best advice on your choice!

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