SmartSolution is the Thermal Storage Tank which incorporates all components useful for the implementation of a technologically advanced plant. In its 400 and 600 litres versions, it manages to meet the technical requirements which may occur in a domestic system.
It contains a stainless-steel coil which is able to produce domestic hot water, which along with the secondary coil is able to handle simultaneously several different heat sources, always working with maximum efficiency. The term SMART stands for easy use: you only need to connect the system pipes to the SmartSolution connectors without any add-ons.

It is easy to inspect thanks to its KeyLess system, which allows you to remove the puffer aesthetics without the use of any tools.
DN 1” F BSPP Connections.
Thanks to its pre-assembled components and the technology used, its installation is quick and easy.

It contains:
– 2 temperature probes
– 2 18-litre expansion vessels
– 1 ACS 6-litre expansion vessel
– 1 ACS mixer valve
– 1 ACS 6 bar safety relief valve
– 1 make up valve
– Pressure gauge
– Pressure relief valve
– 3 bar system safety relief valve

– Applicable booster circulator pump
– 2kW electrical resistance.
– Additional system connections.
– 700/1500 mm extensible hose

Lateral pop-up connectors to never compromise on Moretti Design style and elegance. The structure is also designed to facilitate connections. High-efficiency coils and inlet pipe hose to improve stratifications.

1- Heat pump input connection
2- Biomass boiler input connection
3- Heat pump return connection
4/6- Secondary coil connection
5- Biomass boiler return connection
7/8- Domestic hot water system connection
9- System return connection
10-System input connection