How to heat small rooms: our advice

How to heat small rooms: our advice

The winter months are all about keeping the rooms we live in warm and getting rid of excess moisture that could make living spaces cold and uninhabitable. If you are thinking about how to keep your home warm during the colder months, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

How can I heat my house in winter even if I have no radiators?

The perfect solution is a wood or pellet stove or fireplace. With an effort that suits your needs and requirements, you can achieve high performance.

But how many types are there and which is the most suitable for my home?

Of course, the choice must be based on one’s own needs for heating a room, the space available (in square metres) and the style chosen for one’s home. After all, the stove must first and foremost fulfil the function for which it was created, but it must also fit harmoniously and perfectly into the living context.

Why choose a Moretti Design product?

Moretti Design pellet or wood stoves are products with a unique and essential style: compact, harmonious, aesthetically designed down to the smallest detail, they give the intimacy of the fire typical of the flame, making any space warm and welcoming but with greater ease of use.

In any case, you can learn more about our products by reading this article!

Can a stove be the right solution in a rather small room?

  • Of course, precisely for this reason we propose solutions that guarantee low consumption with a really efficient performance that make them the protagonists of modern homes. To make the right choice, you should pay attention to a few details:
  • The square meters of the apartment
  • The exposure of the structure
  • Thermal insulation (including the quality of the fixtures)
  • The fuel to be used

Moretti design products for small rooms

The Moretti Design stoves that we recommend in these situations are definitely the Globe Relax, with its small size and radiant body, and the Compact Glass Hybrid, a compact 26 cm stove with the option of top flue and radiant body.

In any case, when choosing the perfect stove for your home, you can go to one of our authorized Boutiques, where qualified staff can advise you in choosing the best device.

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