Our experience at Progetto Fuoco 2022
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Our experience at Progetto Fuoco 2022

Verona Fiere – Progetto Fuoco 2022 ended with a great success of the public and the operators.

The important World Exhibition of Biomass Heating took place from May 4th to 7th and recorded the presence of over 800 brands and 32% of operators from abroad.

This year, the focus was on technological innovation and ecological sustainability. These topics were included on all days of the fair, from stoves and fireplaces to boilers, wood and pellet fuels.

Prize X 2021 – The award for design and iconic beauty went to Moretti Design

But this year Progetto Fuoco also wanted to reward the beauty and design of the best appliances at the fair and so our Compact Vision won the prestigious Prize X 2021, a design prize for stoves and fireplaces organized in collaboration with the blog “Fire Observer”. The prize was awarded on May 4th, based on the votes of the blog readers and a jury composed of architects and the specialized press.On this occasion, our Vision has been set in an enchanting ambience by a furniture manufacturer by Lignum (the governance institution of the furniture district of Verona, Padua and Rovigo).

Our Stand

This year’s stand has been designed to tell the story of our company and the entire development process behind Moretti Design’s creations. Starting from the initial tunnel enhanced by luminous LEDs that welcomes visitors at the entrance, we wanted to create a kind of hypnotic texture that gradually accompanies visitors inside the stand, to then find themselves at the center of our world in a pure white space. We chose white as the predominant color to highlight our stoves and fireplaces, allowing
the audience to grasp every detail of the products..

The innovations presented at the exhibit

Of course we were prepared at Progetto Fuoco 2022 and brought some important innovations to present to our visitors.
Innovation, sustainability, technology and design are the values ​​on which we create each of our products and this year we exclusively presented:

Stone Line

It all started with the Clessidra Stone, lined up in real serpentine stone, and from then on we decided to give space to this line of materials, transferring the finish to other models too, the Compact, the Dream and the Relax, which in this case are made with a special stone effect screen-printed on the glass. This is how, inspired by the contemporary furnishing trends of stone and concrete, a perfect integration of technical heating element and design creation was born, which aesthetically blends into the living environment.

Electric Line

Electric Design is our line of electrical appliances. The peculiarity of Moretti Design fireplaces and electric stoves is the possibility of heating the house while producing cold air. In addition, thanks to the storage system, these devices can distribute hot or cold air not only in the room where they are installed, but throughout the house.

Meetings and talks with boutiques

During the 4 days of the exhibit we had the opportunity to meet buyers, other industry operators, boutiques and future Moretti Design boutiques.
In order to promote exchange and discussion with everyone within our stand, we created a restaurant area that was sensibly supplemented by our “Center Room”. Here everyone could stop for a moment, meet with our team and exchange ideas to learn about every detail and specificity of our company and our distinctive creations.
For us they were really important days because we had the opportunity to get to know each of you personally. These moments were fundamental to our personal and professional growth. We would therefore like to thank everyone who visited us and wanted to talk to us about our company and the future of domestic heating with Moretti Design.
A special thanks goes above all to the entire Moretti Design team, to those who daily demonstrate their commitment and love for what they do.

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