Moretti Design products: Advice and assistance.

Moretti Design products: Advice and assistance.

On this page we will provide some necessary information about the tasks of advice, assistance and warranty of Moretti Design products, with the aim of answer our customers’ questions and address them as needed.


A key aspect to clarify is the role of the Boutiques, our sales points, which provide the advice service for Moretti Design products.

Our professionals will carry out a technical visit to your homes, identifying the most suitable point for installing the stove and helping you to choose the model corresponding to your needs.

Dealers will be able to present you all the technical features and aesthetics of our creations and advise you on each solution based on the environments and the lifestyle; You will then receive advice on the type of installation envisaged and, if necessary, on the tax benefits available.

Technical Assistance Center – CAT

After the purchase phase we provide customers with a service of technical assistance that takes care of the maintenance of the stoves.

It is a network of specialized centers, present throughout your country, which responds to intervention requests submitted by customers.

This type of assistance can only be requested in the section on our website, by entering the Region and Province or by consulting the Boutique where you made your purchase.

Offering excellent service has always been synonymous with reliability for Moretti Design, which is why we wanted to diversify the phases that lead to choose a quality product and aesthetic care.

Surround yourself with professionals in the sector able to respond to every need, to ensure maximum assistance.

If you want to know more, receive a consultation or a free quote, contact the Boutique closest to you on our site.

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