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Since 1960 the Moretti Company has been active on an international level, where it is the emblem of Made in Italy in the production of pellet stoves and fireplaces.


Since 1960 the Moretti Company has been active on an international level, where it is the emblem of Made in Italy in the production of pellet stoves and fireplaces. In 2015 the two brands Moretti Camini and Moretti Fire formed for the foreign market, merge permanently to create the MORETTI GROUP.

GRUPPO-MORETTI-05-3 Atelier Moretti


Atelier: an idea passed on from father to son since 1960. A craftsman who from the beginning of his entrepreneurial career made thermohydraulics a life living reason, appreciated all over the world. Since the first bathroom boiler and boiler fireplace, 56 years have passed by with a succession of experiences that have rendered that idea a successful company worldwide. Mr Luigi Moretti was the pioneer and creator of everything. This is the reason why I wanted to reuse the term Atelier. My will to identify a sales point as a "workshop" in which it is possible to find our stoves and fireplaces. Why Atelier? It is a French word meaning workshop, just like the Moretti Group products: made in a workshop. Not betting on large quantities but on craftsmanship quality, I wanted to fully embrace the term. The complete word indicates a workshop in which technicians create and preserve their own inventions. L 'Atelier (or workshop) was the most common place of work for European professional workers from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century; in fact Mr. Luigi in the far 1960 started his adventure from a workshop. The word itself has also assumed similar meanings, pointing to the workshop of a photographer, stylist and professional worker in general. Even our SALES POINTS will be BOUTIQUE’s able to provide an excellence of service from site survey to the installation and subsequent maintenance.

gruppo-moretti-01-1 Atelier Moretti


For years we have questioned ourselves where the boundary between fashion and trend stands. In order to answer our obsessive question we started to collaborate with different institutions operating in the “fashion” field, attending shows and celebrities, comparing ourselves with the wide world of bloggers and figuring out how to move this big machine. With moretti we have put together a research team with psychologists, trend researchers, stylists, experts in materials, industrial designers and specialized technicians. The most important thing we learned is that today it is fashionable to do style, to follow a different path, more intuitive, more authentic...  more “ours”. Something beats inside each of us, a fire that burns, that excites. An energy that transforms into flames, a flash of light that shows us what is really right for us. Listen to what makes your heart beat.


In its 60 year old history, the combination of technology and traditional marchigiana craftsmanship has allowed the Moretti Group to conquer countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Jordan, Albania, Japan, Chile, Canada and England, Malta, Uruguay, Zypern.

gruppo-moretti-02-1 Atelier Moretti


The entire production cycle takes place, as always, only at the main HEADQUARTERS in the province of Ascoli Piceno.The site spreads over a total area of approximately 10,000 m2 where all stages of the production process on the 4 production lines equipped with the latest cutting edge machinery such as laser cutters are certified. Welding is, however, strictly "handmade" ensuring absolute exclusivity to each item produced. The Moretti Group invests obsessively in the "R & D" department for the conception and creation of its products; Thanks to these investments our products have always being at the forefront from a technological point of view as well as tested for reliability and safety since all products "one by one" are approved before packing. It is in a "laboratory" that our personnel take personal care of all testing before the actual product is released on the market

ciclo-produttivo-1920x350 Atelier Moretti


IMG_2041 Atelier Moretti


In a time when the market is more interested in Internet or Mass-scale retail channels, the Moretti Group “aims” all of their expectations on the retailer and says NO to the many requests from Shopping Centers and the Network. Moretti Design does not only believe in the work of retailers, rather it wants to reward them, by offering them the Moretti Pact. Today, in fact, it is up to the Moretti Group to bear the business risk and to offer a line of products that allows the retailer to exhibit almost the whole range at a very low investment. Together we will say NO to challenging pre-seasonal purchases, NO to challenging investments, NO to challenging stocking, NO to challenging exibitions, NO sales through the internet, NO mass scale distribution channels, YES to fixed prices. The MORETTI GROUP that today must produce a SMART RANGE; meaning a range that contemplates some models (the most sold and the highest selling) with the same design or performance but belonging to different "families". In this way, the retailer has the option of having exposed almost the whole range of products at a very low investment.


Since 1960, Moretti has been creating the highest quality products through continuous research and the use of excellent materials. Each product complies with the all of the appropriate Europe an rules and directives and art subject to quality tests and checks by independent external bodies qualified to evaluate factors such as performance, emissions and construction characteristics.

gruppo-moretti-04 Atelier Moretti
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